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    Into Peru, Proudly
    What’s the importance of ongoing health care expansion into South America? Steven J. Thompson explains.
    When Lower-Cost Health Care Isn't a Good Deal
    When Lower-Cost Health Care Isn't a Good Deal - Is is possible to have low cost health care that delivers value? Steven J. Thompson explains.
    6 Ways to Head Off a Crisis
    Steven J. Thompson offers insight on how to be tuned into small problems before you have a genuine crisis on your hands.
    Should Hospitals Advertise?
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital was recently ranked the #1 hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, but should this kind of ranking be used in advertising by hospitals?
    Side-by-Side with a Leading Brazilian Hospital
    JHI recently announced a new collaboration with a leading hospital in Brazil. Steven J. Thompson's latest podcast explains the importance of this agreement and the impact it will have in Brazil.
    Taking Stock of Global Cancer Care
    If the challenges facing the U.S. in cancer care are that significant, and we’re a leader, then the state of cancer in most of the rest in the world is, on average, all the more problematic.
    Decrying a Scourge of Health Care Development
    One obstacle that sometimes impedes us here at Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) from expanding our health care systems collaborations into new regions is a problem of a different sort: corruption.